Mabery Museum

The story of Chuck Mabery, patriarch of the Mabery clan, and the Ranch’s beginning is showcased in the Mabery Museum. Other family members who have contributed to the success of the Blazin’ M Ranch are highlighted, including Grandma Lou whose pie making has become legendary.

Vignettes of Old West pioneers are showcased throughout the Museum. These historic icons are visual reminders of the early settlers who gambled on a new western lifestyle and domesticated the American frontier.

Also featured in the Museum are photographs and artifacts from the Yavapai-Apache Nation, a close neighbor whose history predates that of the communities which now occupy most of the landscape. The roots of this Native American community are traced through beautiful artwork, old photographs, dietary and weaving practices, and historic costumes.


Wood’n West Gallery

Wood’n West Gallery will lure you in and captivate your imagination, one detailed and perfected Americana scene at a time. It has been proclaimed The Greatest Animated Wood Carving Show in the West. This exclusive collection is a mechanical tableau hand carved and constructed in miniature over a thirty-year period by master carver Jack Britt.