Frequently Asked Questions

What is your COVID Protocol?
Does your food contain nut products? What about your floor?
Is the Blazin’ M Ranch wheelchair accessible?
Do we need to dress western style?
Do you allow pets?
Is smoking allowed at the ranch?
Do you offer gluten free options?
Do you offer horseback riding at your ranch?
Are you locally owned and operated?
Do you offer group discounts?
Is your show family friendly?
Do you offer gift certificates?
Is the ranch easy to find?
How do I find directions to the ranch?
Can I use flash photography?
Do you give military discounts?
Do you have seating for people with back issues?
Are you ever closed for an extended period of time?
What kind of wildlife can I expect to encounter there?
Has anyone ever died there from too much fun?
How fast is the tractor ride?
Do you hold weddings?
We heard the ranch burned this true?
Do I have to pay for drinks at the ranch?
How far are you from Phoenix?
How far are you from Sedona?
Do we need to check in anywhere before dinner and the show?
Does your show ever change?
Does your ranch host special events?
Should I bring a jacket?
Is your show inside or outside?
How big is the ranch?
Is your show pre-recorded?
Are there extra charges for your outdoor activities?
Are your shops open after the show?
What is Wood 'n' West Gallery?
Do you have a vegetarian option?
Do the beans contain sugar? What about meat?
Can we bring in our own food?
Can we get the meat without seasoning?
Is there a show-only price if I choose not to eat? Do I need to stay for the dinner and show, or can I just come for the shopping and activities?
What is your cancellation policy?
What if the weather turns bad?
Can I request a special table?
Is assistance available for the serving line?
What is your capacity?
What if I’m running late?
Do you have a Christmas program?