Hot Flashes on the Trail – A Melodrama Miss-hap

Returning to Blazin’ M Ranch March 18th, 25th, April 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th, the knee-slapping Melodrama featuring two women out on their luck when the men don’t show for their performances.

In the mid 1800’s a tiny troupe of actors traverse the wild, wild West performing musical melodramas for entertainment starved towns. But upon rolling in to the Blazin’ M Ranch, actresses Mary Belle and Miss Missy are surprised and, alas, not pleasantly for it seems their fellow male actors are nowhere to be found!

Yes they are missing! The men have gone AWOL!

With the show about to start and with no time to search for the absentee actors nor to replace them, the ladies must face the first cardinal rule of the theater which is — “The show MUST go on!”

Filled with suspense, original music, outrageous comedy and some truly “perspirational” moments, don’t miss this outstanding production by the Verde Valley’s favorite creative and performance duo, Dev Ross & Shondra Jepperson.